Safe Words and One-Night Stands

safe onenightstand

You must decide a safe word beforehand

While it might seem like safe words are a BDSM scene only, that’s definitely not the case. There are plenty of sexual situations where a safe word should be incorporated into your play, and yes, that includes one-night stands if the two of you are doing anything intense. It doesn’t matter if it’s no strings dating or a regular hookup that you’ve met from SocialSex–a safe word makes both of you much more comfortable, and adds a level of security and safety to the situation that you didn’t have before. Safe words are for both parties, and they insure that you both are getting exactly what you want out of the situation…and not more than you can absolutely handle.

What is a Safe Word, Anyway?

Whether you’re in Winnipeg or anywhere else in the world, a safe word is always the same. Simply put, it’s a word that has nothing to do with anything in your sex life that signals the need for a sexual situation, or ‘scene’, to stop entirely. This is usually important in consent play when the words ‘no’ and ‘stop’ don’t necessarily hold the same meaning. A safe word can be the person’s way out of the scenario and still get the message across that it’s simply too much, and they feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Safe words are incredibly important in many scenarios, but you see the most often in kinds of BDSM play. While they are not strictly limited to BDSM situations, safe words are an integral part of BDSM. Even if you are simply utilizing some light bondage in the bedroom, it’s important that you at least have a simple safe word in place, or have discussed it at one point in the past. If you ever find yourself becoming involved in a scenario like this with someone that insists safe words aren’t necessary–run, don’t walk. These aren’t kinds of people that you want to hop in bed with, and honestly, you’re better off tangoing with a semi-truck. The use of safe words is important when it comes to first-timers hooking up because you simply don’t know everything that could trip your partner’s hard limits. These limits are the kinds of things that might not be discussed right off the bat, and if the two of you are feeling intense that evening, it might not even cross your mind. Just having a safe word can make your no strings dating experience that much easier, and can really take a lot of pressure off of the two of you to explain everything that upsets you in bed right off the bat.

Where Will You Use It?

night of passion

Prepare yourself for a night of passion

Safe words can literally be used at any point in the bedroom. For example, assume you’re hooking up with a girl that’s into a bit of soft-core bondage. That means that she likes tying you up, or likes being tied up. Either way, there are ropes and tying involved, and that’s the kind of thing that gets her going. Most people have given this a shot at one point or another, and that’s fine. It’s a fun way to have an evening for sure. That being said, you should still have a safe word in place, and make sure that it’s respected. It can be something as ridiculous as ‘pineapple’ or ‘Einstein’, and if at any point you feel uncomfortable while you’re strung up in her bed, you can say the word and she should know to either stop what she’s doing, or release you entirely. Either way, this is the word that stops any role-play or consent play that’s being used. It’s the word that makes both of you come to a stop and realize that hey, something’s not quite right, and it first and foremost keeps both of you safe. Again: you can literally use your safe word at any point, and so can she. It’s designed to be used that way, so if at any point you feel uncomfortable, you can use your safe word to bring play to an end. If you have the right partner, even on no strings dating, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about using your safe word. That’s literally its purpose, so make use of it because you did take the time to establish it!

Oh, The Problems it Will Solve

test your limits

You can test your limits in bed

Your safe word is going to get you out of a lot of trouble–trust us! If you have a one-night stand in Winnipeg with a lady that’s really into some Dom/sub stuff, your safe word is going to take any question out of consent play. It’s going to make it very easy for the two of you to get into character and to have a good time without worrying about consent actually being an issue, especially if it’s been discussed thoroughly beforehand. Safe words seriously do solve a lot of problems, though. If you’re in the middle of a consent play scene, the use of a safe word can really mean the difference between following her wishes or getting throw in jail for a rape accusation. Safe words are the kind of thing that actually keep the BDSM community up, active, and safe, and that’s why it’s ridiculous to operate in any sort of sexual scenario without one having been mentioned at least once. Having a safe word is just a responsible, safe thing to do, and that’s why if you want to really be into the hookup and one-night stand scene, it’s important with some sexual scenarios to have a safe word already on your mind. Discuss it with your partner for the evening, and make sure she knows it’s in place if either of you need to use it. It will make your evenings that much more enjoyable, and the two of you won’t have much to worry about.

It Makes You Sound Responsible

look responsible

It shows that you know what you are doing

Even if you never use your safe word even once, it’s a responsible thing to talk to your partner for the evening about, and it’s going to make you sound like you know what you’re doing–even if you’re actually pretty inexperienced. If there’s one thing a woman loves, its confidence, and knowing your stuff about safe words and how they work in the bedroom can really cover your butt when it comes to any sort of odd sexual scenario that the two of you have never had a chance to act out before. In general, having a safe word is just a smart idea in every single regard. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced kinkster, or if you’re the kind of guy that has only ever poked and prodded around the more vanilla sides of everything in your sex life before. A safe word is an important tool in your hookup arsenal, and that’s why for your one-night stand kit, you should always at least have one sitting around in the wings in the event she wants to string you up and poke at you with a crop for a little bit. Having one, even if you never end up using it, will make you that much more comfortable.

Ten of the Biggest Turnoffs for Women

Women are complex creatures to begin with, and their sex drives and desires only make them more so. There are certain things a man can do, though, to really blow his chances with a beautiful woman. Once you’ve managed to ask her out on a date, whether an Edmonton native introduced via mutual friends or through a Canadian personal dating service, continue with care. Whatever way you and subsequently decided to go on a date, what matters is what you do with the opportunity you’ve been given. We’ll tell you 100 percent, though, that certain pitfalls are universal, regardless of what country, creed, or group to which you belong.

We’ve had enough collective dating experience with sophisticated women to steer you on the straight and narrow. It takes a village, and we’re here to support you in your endeavor to meet a woman and close the deal – whether you go on another date with someone you meet from Match, a Canadian personal dating service or if you just want to hook up. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, get into her good graces – once you’ve managed to progress that far, then comes the time to decide whether you’re interested.Read and learn, and avoid these top 10 fatal blunders when you’re trying to charm the woman you’re out with.

1. Too Much Ego

keep your ego

Keep your ego in check

You may think that acting confident will turn a woman to your favor. While it’s true that women usually prefer a man who has style and self awareness, there’s a fine line between confidence and being pompous. If you feel like you might meet the criteria of being too egotistical, don’t try to confirm simply by reading her reaction. Women are usually subtle to the point where you won’t even know how you’ve offended her until you’re saying goodnight and she doesn’t want to see you again. Check yourself: are you talking more than her? Are you talking only about yourself? A conversation should be balanced, and not one-sided. Chances are that if you realize you’re doing most, or all, of the talking, and the main topic is you, that she’s going to get turned off quickly.

2. Being a Skinflint

This is again, a fine line between two different types of man – a skinflint is someone who’s bottom line cheap, whereas a financially responsible adult is a man who lives within his means. One of these qualities has to do with a lack of generosity, and the other is practicality. Most women won’t fault you for living on a budget, since that’s the reality of life in this day and age. Don’t skimp on reasonable expenses during dates, though. We don’t mean you have to buy her two dozen roses, but if you invite her to a fancy restaurant with a pricey menu, for example, don’t act taken aback when she looks it over and orders something that isn’t an appetizer. If you invited her out to an upscale establishment in the first place, and then you act shocked over the prices, she’s going to bail. She’ll regret meeting you on any Canadian personal dating service that you may have used, and will be wary in the future.

3. Rudeness to Restaurant Servers

On the same topic, when you’re at a restaurant on a date – never, under any circumstances, be rude to the server. Don’t complain that your food was cold unless you intend to request something else, don’t roll your eyes if the server asks you to repeat your main course selection, and never, ever, forget to tip. To the woman you’re with, this is the tipoff about how you treat other people.

4. Mistreatment of Animals

treat animals nicely

Treat animals nicely

This looks like a serious and grim bullet point, but what we really mean is don’t say anything bad about animals – don’t share controversial opinions about certain breeds of dog you think should be banned, for example. Generally, just check any negativity about animals at the door. There’s always the chance that the woman you’re on a date with might be a pet person, and if you come off as the opposite of an animal lover, she’s going to ditch you.

5. Chronic Complaining

Don’t complain in front of your date – you’re a grown man, and whining like a child isn’t going to help anything. Now that we’ve gotten the pep talk out of the way, though, let’s dissect a complainer’s vocabulary. Everything in their phrasing is negative – what they don’t want, what they don’t have, what they’ve had to put up with. In order not to fall into this category yourself, use positive, reinforcing words – what you enjoy, what you want, and the best parts of your day.

6. Your Collection of Sexploits

No woman wants to hear about how many other women you’ve slept with. Relaying your sexploits won’t impress anyone or make them think you’re in high demand. It will simply make you look as though you’re desperate and have no standards. The only time bragging about how many women you’ve slept with is acceptable is in college frat house.

7. Insincerity and Empty Compliments

empty compliments

Women can see through empty compliments

The rule of thumb is not to give a woman a compliment unless you really mean it. Men have been trying to seduce women with flattery since the beginning of time, but it will backfire if you try to express a sentiment that’s obviously designed to appeal to her ego. Just because you may have met her on a Canadian personal dating service doesn’t mean that she’s going to be wooed by just anything. If you want to pay her a compliment, choose something concrete and neutral. Say she looks nice, or that you like her perfume. If you base the flattery in something real, it’s less likely she’s going to read you as being a fake.

8. Commentary on Her Friends

Don’t comment on her friends’ appearances. It doesn’t matter whether they’re gorgeous or hideous – never bring it up, and if she does, quash the subject immediately. The friend comparison is one of the most dangerous types of territory upon which you can tread. Any type of commentary on her friends is going to make her feel intimidated and jealous, and she’s going to drop you faster than a hot potato. No one wants to waste their time feeling compared to someone else.

9. Assuming You’re Going to Hook Up

Don’t assume that she’s going to be into hooking up. Men that project the expectation of a hookup inevitably end up alone at the end of a date. In other words, if you bring up sex or hooking up, or any other number of sexual activities, it should be because she broached the topic first. If you go there without provocation, it makes you look over eager and sleazy, and it makes her feel cheap.

10. Selfishness in Bed

selfish in bed

Don’t be selfish in bed

Last but not least, selfishness in bed is one of the worst turnoffs, because not only is it rude, but it’s a literal turnoff. When you’re hooking up with a woman, it should be an equal trade, and not all about you. Although it’d be nice if it was, a woman is never going to be a repeat customer if you focus solely on your own pleasure. Even it out, and pay attention to her needs, too. If you’re a giving lover, she’s going to return for more.

How To Be Successful In Best Sex Fling Websites For Quebec City

sex fling websitesIt is one thing to meet with a prospective date through online dating sites, and quite another to stay relevant and interesting for as long as you keep communicating. People find themselves in situations where they meet with others on the best sex fling websites for Quebec City, only to lose a bit of the magic touch which brought them together in the first place. What everyone should remember is that nothing comes easy. Everything requires some measure of working hard and smart in equal proportions. This is the basis upon which the relationship will blossom and the lady will keep interacting with you online.

How Do You Keep Online Conversations Interesting?

There are people whose ability to maintain the same level of conversation as interesting in real life as it is in IM is not easy. Many people find it hard to keep the same level of fun and project an image of someone who is interesting to be around both in the digital and real life. However, with a little practice, nothing is really impossible. You can soon start to keep interesting conversations on the online dating sites and in real life with some measure of success without struggling. The reason why the other person you are chatting with will come returning to IM with you, is because they find you to be quite interesting.

a) Find How You Can Be Real Without Scaring Your Partner Off

It is rather interesting that some people end up staring at the screen unsure of what to chat or write about as they communicate with someone else on these best sex fling websites for Quebec City. There is a piece of advice that gets thrown all over on this article, you can find out the best fling sites for Canadians, about the need for being as real as possible with people you meet on the best sex fling websites. What needs to be done is to find a middle point or balance lest you end up on the losing end as your partner thinks you are very weird. Be real but not so much to an extent that you end up scaring them off. In real life situations, you could end up in moments where the two of you have no idea on what to talk about. This is something that should not be heard when chatting through online dating sites or IM services. You can find creative ways of making your point to be heard or through which to keep the conversation flowing in an interesting way. The fact that you are currently talking with your partner or fling on the best sex fling websites should not cause you to develop cold feet, or be under so much pressure that you lose your creativity and spontaneity.

b) Turn Your Experiences into Debates

There is a fine line to be crossed between having a debate and arguing when chatting in real life or through online dating sites. Just like it is with every other relationship, the tiniest of talks which appear to be as harmful as you can possibly imagine, could take a whole new direction and develop into a full fledged argument. An argument or two is not bad as long as it helps to keep the relationship healthy. A good number of marriage counselors opine that where a couple doesn’t engage in an argument or two, this could be indicative of the fact that they are holding back and this is not healthy for a relationship. Learn to have open topics where the answer is not a fixed one. Ask questions which will make the other person to open up more or offer a more detailed explanation as opposed to a short one. If the questions you ask end up receiving one-word answers, you need to develop a new way of approaching this issue lest the partner starts to think that you are boring. Regardless of how much time the two of you have spent together from the first time when you came across each other on the best sex fling websites, the conversation can undergo through numerous changes to make it interesting thus adding to the attraction.

c) Is Silence Bad When Chatting on Online Dating Sites?

There are some people who opine that a little silence when chatting through the best sex fling websites isn’t such a bad thing while others beg to differ. Those who see nothing wrong with such developments, support their belief by saying that silence is only weird when conversing over a telephone or in real life. But you don’t have to be under pressure to say something purely for the sake of it even where you feel there is nothing meaningful to share. Alternatively, you could always comfort yourself with the thought that the other party never noticed the silence in the first place.

It is difficult to say with certainty that someone you were chatting with went silent on you. What you construe to be silence could also be nothing other than an Internet disconnection. Or, it could be the result of the partner being caught up in something else which required her attention. If you are the affected party, you could always rely on the thought that no one else apart from you knows the real story. This is yet one more area in which the best sex fling websites, or online dating sites are more attractive compared to real life dating. When you go silent in real life dating, your partner will notice it immediately.

d) Share Funny and Interesting Things that Happened in Your Life

Contrary to what many people think, everyone experiences an interesting or funny thing in their lives on a daily basis. It is only that some people are caught up in their busy schedules they end up failing to notice such moments. In most cases, if you are observant enough, you will discover that there was something very funny which you can share with the person you chat with on the best sex fling websites and end up having an interesting conversation about it all. Even if you are the object of the joke, share it out with your partner and laugh about it. This is good for the health of your relationship.

e) Why Don’t You Play a Game?

If there is one area where the world has seen a major development in, it has to be in the area of online games. You don’t even have to pay to play these games. You can always ask your partner to join you in a game or two and have fun together even if you are miles away from each other. Some of these games are so creatively designed that they allow two or more players to converse together while they are playing. This is a very nice and creative way of keeping the conversation between the two of you interesting and getting out of the monotony that has been created by the best sex fling websites. As has been demonstrated here, there are countless ways in which the two of you can keep conversing together even on a daily basis without one partner feeling that this is now boring. There is no limit as to what you can talk about as long as it is interesting. You could even focus on a few things about your own life, without delving into too much detail. Don’t write an essay but avoid one word syllables when responding to a question you have been asked on the best sex fling websites.

The Best Dating Tricks For Women

Dating is a minefield. Not literally, that would be dangerous, unless you were dating a minesweeper. But figuratively, it is full of pitfalls, pratfalls, and a myriad of other places you can screw up and ruin the possibility of spending the rest of your life with Mr. Right. However, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be attempted. Done right, dating can be the portal to an entirely new world, an entirely new you, and an entirely new love life.
The trick to dating is to make sure that you are confident in yourself. This is easier said than done. Often when people are dating, they are at a low point in their lives, either just out of a relationship, or worried that they will never find someone new, and that guys simply do not like them. This is completely not true, but it is still a mental virus which travels through our brains. The trick then is to fake it ’til you make it. You have to believe yourself to be confident, and then you will outwardly express the right characteristics. To do this, there are three key components to making sure that you come across as the most confident women in the room…

be confident

You need to be confident when you date


A big mistake people make, especially on first dates is to clam up. They are so worried about revealing all of their idiosyncrasies that they end up revealing nothing of their personality at all. We have all been on dates with people like this, and no doubt behaved like this on dates ourselves. They are the quiet ones, who you try to get to open up and tell you a bit about themselves, but will only answer with yes, or no, or the most brief of comments.

Don’t let this be you.

Make sure you have engaging and interesting stories to tell. Most people think they are dull and have nothing to say, but nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone had something funny happen to them in their childhood. Hell, everyone probably had something funny happen to them last week. Talk about what you love, what you want to do, what you wanted to do, your favorite foods, films, flowers, whatever – just make sure you have something to say.

dating listening

make sure you listen as much as you talk

… but not too open

But obviously do not take it too far. Conversation is good, but when you start to dominate conversation and turn it round to be all about you, and feel like you want to tell this person everything, then it is time to shut up. You can be more and more open as you get to know the person, but try not to lay everything on the table immediately. This is a real turn-off for guys, as they end up thinking about exactly how much of your life together you are going to share with everyone.

Also, you do not want to hog the conversation. Conversations are two-way. If you are doing all the yapping then the other person is likely to become very bored very quickly. It also shows that you have little to no interest in them if all you do is talk about yourself. Make sure that you are asking questions as well as answering them, and that you are both really maintaining a duologue, rather than your monologue about the state of the world today.
Finally, it is important to maintain some mystery. If you lay yourself out on the table (OK, he might like that!), then you are an open book. He can tell everything about you and there will be no allure or mystery, and therefore no reason really for further dates. If instead you make sure you are holding something back, teasing information, and giving him little glimpses into your thoughts and personality, then he will always want to come back to find out more.

enjoy dating

Have fun dating

Leave The Baggage At Home

Lastly, even if you do end up talking a lot, there are always going to be some topics that are off limits, particularly at the start of dating and at the start of a relationship. If you had a bad break up previously, or have had a hard time in life in general, then think about the right time to talk about this. It is unlikely to be when you are having your starters on date one. That isn’t to say you these topics are taboo forever more, of course you should talk about them eventually, but negative talk, particularly regarding previous boyfriends is going to start your new relationship off on the wrong foot. You should be thinking about how great this opportunity is, rather than worrying about how bad previous partners were.
Following these simple rules can make sure that any guy you date is calling back within a day for a second date, and that you have the chance to meet new people and really engage with them in a meaningful way.

The Worst Places To Break Up A Relationship

When enough is enough, there has to be a breakup. You’ve given your partner another chance or two and they still blew it. It is never easy or enjoyable and it is always going to cause some pain, even to you. The things that attracted you to your partner just aren’t enough anymore and you have to move on to carry on with your life. Whether you both grew apart or ended up disagreeing over a core belief, cheated on each other or any other reason for a relationship to fall apart, you need to know how to break up with your partner.

When you choose to break up with your partner, where you do it and how you do it is of utmost importance. You’ll often not be in a good place to break up but you will know that you have to do it sooner rather than later.

The problem arises when you break up with your partner in the wrong place.
This problem is what they will recall about you, making it impossible to maintain a good friendship with them due to the way that you treated them at the breakup.

how to breakup

How to break up

If you are looking for the right place to make a break up happen, make sure that you don’t do it at your own home. A lot of people think that if they bring their partners to their house to break up, that everything will be all right in the end.Breaking up with your partner in the comforts of your own home isn’t a good idea because if they start to take things the wrong way and get angry, you have no way of leaving so that they can get a hold of their feelings for themselves. In addition to this, they could damage your house or possessions and will feel cornered. Giving your partner control over you when you are breaking up with them just isn’t a good idea.

Amongst the same lines, breaking up with someone on a bus/train/plane is a bad idea for many of the same reasons. You can’t leave until you are at your destination and there is absolutely no privacy here. It is dangerous to have shouting, emotionally charged people on public transport.

One of the worst ways I can think of to break up with someone is when you are on holiday or at some kind of event. You’ve travelled hundreds if not thousands of miles for this and then one of you decides that it is time to finish your relationship. If you’ve travelled to a festival, you have to spend your breakup surrounded by happy, drunken people and you are likely to make some mistakes that you wouldn’t if you were sober. The money wasted by ruining a perfectly good holiday can’t be recovered and sharing your accommodation with your partner won’t be the most enticing proposition.

In addition to this, you partner might decide that they are just going to leave and get as far away as possible from you. Whilst this is fine when you are in your native country, many people get lost and if you are in a dangerous country, there can be severe consequences to walking off the beaten path. Just wait until you get back to your own country to make the breakup happen. You’ll enjoy the holiday more and as a bonus, you get to have fun on your holiday.

coping a breakup

When should you break up?

Breaking up in the presence of other people is also a pretty bad idea. If you know the people that are around, they will often take sides and argue with each other, which means you’ll be ruining more than one relationship. If you don’t know the people around you, you’ll embarrass your partner in public. Neither of these things are a good idea for a good breakup.

I shouldn’t have to mention this, but make sure you break up with your partner in real life, rather than via a text message/phone call/e-mail. Each of these shows utter disrespect for the time you spent with your partner and it also means you’ll make them angry. If you can’t possibly meet them in real life that is they only time you should instigate a breakup via digital means.

The best place to break up with your partner can be difficult to find. Finding a neutral place to meet, which doesn’t have many other people milling around is perfect. Meeting in a quiet café where you can go upstairs or downstairs away from other people can work and so can an empty park. Break ups are very personal and to make sure that you have a good one, spend a little time trying to find the best place to break up with your partner.

3 Biggest Dating Mistakes We All Make Using Online Dating Sites

Computers can do a whole lot of work faster than we could do manually, and Internet has only added to this speed. But expecting the online dating sites to find us a partner, as of yesterday, merely because of these facts is a bit naïve. In real life, we are cautious about many things when we look for a partner, so why can’t we do the same on these dating sites? We, however, expect the prospective date to be as per order so we list a whole lot of expectations and aspirations out there. If the desire to find a date on these websites is sincere, and the person is not just toying with the idea, then finding a right partner would not be so difficult and time consuming. Here is a list of 3 biggest dating mistakes we all make using online dating sites.

a. We lie.

Yes, Internet allows us to do that. We also use others pictures to get people interested in us. However, this can only leave us frustrated. This is because we are aware that we lied, and so we cannot afford to meet this adorable date in person. That means, we can chat, send mails, discuss issues, but never meet. At some point, this prospective date would give up, and look for another person. So how did it really help?

b. We load a lot of information about ourselves forgetting that a dating site is only a facility that lets another person get acquainted.

Prospective date would not be interested in our qualifications, our vacations, our influential acquaintances, etc., when he or she is being introduced. In fact, many people who choose to look for a date on these sites do not want to read long essays about our trials and tribulations, our divorces, our abusive partners, and so on and so forth. For starters, we need to concentrate only on our physical attributes and take it further from there. This happens in real life as well, so why should it be different on dating websites?

Ladies: 5 online dating mistakes you're making -

Ladies: 5 online dating mistakes you’re making -

However, we list a whole lot of things, and expect our prospective dating partner to go through that list and take a call. It is like, if you meet these conditions, then send a message, else don’t bother. This can only scare some people away, and some of them may have several attributes that we would find desirable. When the right date comes along, it might even be easy to compromise on some of our personal desires, because those desires may cease to be important when compared to other plus points that the person may have. This is the reason it is better not to have rigid approach. This also does not mean that we should appear to be bending over our backs to find a date. Some people try to show they are fun loving folks, and upload many of their activities depicting their idea of fun. This is hardly going to help because fun loving folks do not scream their guts out about their nature. Such information only makes the person sound desperate for a partner.

c. Internet is also a place where some unscrupulous people roam about without being restricted.

Not everybody coming on net is reliable. So decision to meet and trust the person immediately would be a mistake most of the time. Personal information such as finances and even information about children should be revealed much later in the relationship, if at all. Likewise, things that would embarrass us should be kept in the closet, and revealed only when the relationship reaches its logical conclusion. Expecting fairy tale ending is also not right. Such things only happen in story books or in movies like Pretty Woman. In short, a realistic approach is absolutely essential because it is unlikely that Hugh Grant would walk in there, in search of a partner, or Angelina Jolie ran short of admirers.

Online dating sites are becoming an increasingly more popular resource for

Online dating sites are becoming an increasingly more popular resource for

3 Fitness Apps You Should Be Using

Every medic out there will tell you how vital it is to be physically fit and the countless dividends with which physical fitness comes with. In that eternal list of benefits of keeping yourself physically fit will always include some more added years to your life, more strength, bones that are stronger, less fat accumulation in your body, an excellent mood, a rather focused mind, and above all an exceptional sleep every night!

What to Look for When Settling for a Fitness App

Perhaps the greatest challenge will be to know exactly what fitness app will be of help to you; as such you must research thoroughly and make enough inquiries before opting for a particular fitness app. It will thus be prudent to settle for those fitness apps developed by renowned companies whose records are above bar. Moreover, the app must have a ‘rich’ history and an indispensable name out there among its users.

1. My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal has been hailed as the world’s most useful fitness app. Among smart phone apps, My Fitness Pal has repeatedly made it to the top ten Forbes Weight Reduction Apps. It has been customized in such a way that it can monitor your lifestyle, your height, your weight and can further make necessary recommendations as far as weight reduction means are concerned.

3 fitness apps you need right

3 fitness apps you need right

Most outstanding feature of My Fitness Pal is its platform that allows its users to share their ‘dividends’ online via social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Its users can also set targets of calories intake. Say you order a meal in a restaurant for instance; My Fitness Pal will enable you to establish the calorie amount on that meal! And guess what, the app is absolutely free of charge!

2. SparkPeople

This is another fitness app that will undoubtedly yield meaningful results for its users as soon as last year! It is also free of charge, has been variously proven and tested and does allow its users to monitor the food they consume.

Additionally, the fitness app allows its users to share their tips, tricks and ‘developments’ made with other users online. It has been widely published in Medical Journals and ‘prescribed’ by countless Fitness Trainers world all over.

3. CSPI Chemical CuisineNike Training Club

Perhaps this is one of the most widely used ‘pocket trainer‘ fitness app. Other than being an absolutely free fitness app, it is customized with a complete diary for your ‘preferred’ food that is meant to keep on track all your ‘hustles and bustles’ of trying to monitor your weight.

And just like the above mentioned fitness apps, it has a platform that allows its users to twit and face book their ‘achievements’ online. Most unique feature of this app is its ‘reward’ platform that offers its users a chance to access professional tips and training from notable physical fitness instructors online.

Technology and Weight Loss:

Technology and Weight Loss:

Whichever fitness app you will settle on, always follow the instructions therein. This way, you can be sure of reaping the maximum ‘dividends’ at the end of your ‘fitness training’ session. Again remember to share online with others. You can learn the ‘ropes’ and be a real tiger!

Handy, Free, And Educative iPad Apps For Kids

iPad has certainly revolutionized the way we work and enjoy the entertainment system. Not only this gadget can be used to manage your work better – you can use the emails, the work application, and so many more – you can also enjoy so many entertainment systems. You can take pictures, stream videos, watch movies, and so many more. And now, the iPad can also be used to entertain and improve your kids’ ability. Who says that iPad is only beneficial for adults? iPad can also be used to help your kids learn things. Moreover, there are lots of free of charge applications that you can try, so you can get lots of benefits at the same time. You can make sure that your kids are having fun while learning new things, and you don’t need to spend a dime to have them installed within your gadget.

The Memory Game

Having such memory game is fun. Not only the gale is fun to played, it can also boost the kids’ memory so they have improved ability on memorizing things. One application that you should install within your gadget is the Kids Can Match. This matching application comes with cute animal design along with their sound as well. With the sound and the cute model, the game is very engaging and appealing, especially for toddlers. The game is set in levels, where each next stage level will be more difficult than before. Another cool thing about this game is the kids will be shown of how to spell the names of the animals. So not only the kids learn about the animal shapes, sounds, and looks, they also learn about new vocabularies.

The Memory Pro Free is also another fun game that kids can try. It shows bubbly and colorful pictures of different kinds of animals – along with the scoring system that will challenge the kids. Even them will be appealed to try harder. The key factor to this game is to remember the location and spot of the animal picture. The game may be simple, but it is fun and really addictive.

The Red Fish for Kids

This game is designed for babies and young toddlers by Fresh Planet. The designer has been involved in lots of puzzles, mini games, and different learning activities, so they know what they are doing. There are 50 activities packed within this package, which involves numbers, music, letters, problem solving, and also drawing. The interface system is colorful, clear, and bright, so kids will love it! moreover, with different activities and stuffs to do, kids will be busy playing – and learning new stuffs at the same time.

RedFish 4 Kids for iPad on the

RedFish 4 Kids for iPad on the

The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This game is full of bright colors since it is designed for younger toddlers – about two and three years old. Kids will be encouraged and challenged to complete puzzles and challenges that may seem simple, but they can boost performance and also memory. The game mostly incorporates counting, color, object matching, and letters in intuitive and fun ways.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

For older kids, you can try the Spelling Grade 1-5 which will teach kids how to spell word in fun ways. The app can show them how they can spell the words and how to memorize it. it is certainly a very handy and educational app that teachers can also implement at school. The great thing about these apps is that they are free and can be easily found and installed.

Achieving Your Financial Freedom: 3 Stocks To Invest Your Tax Refund In

Investing tax refund can be challenging especially if you do not investment ideas on how to choose viable investments for future financial gains. Most Americans as well as other people from the rest of the world do not have an idea on how to make this investment opportunity a reality. There are many ways to invest your tax refund, but for now, I will give you the three best stocks to invest this refund.

The following are the stocks to invest in:


Since this is a long-term investment, choosing to invest in shares can be a wise decision to make. These are the most viable stock to invest your tax refund. The rewards are higher, so is the risks. Depending on the performance of the shares on the trading floor, you will get either loss or gain. You must also do your personal research on which shares to buy in order to avoid loss after purchase.

You may also need to seek professional tip on which shares to purchase in order to maximize your returns. Always remember that the higher the risk of a particular stock, the higher the rate of return forms the particular investment.

Let's do a little investment

Let’s do a little investment

2. Bonds such as treasury bills, notes, and debentures

Investing in fixed income securities such as treasury bills, notes, bond, and debentures can be rewarding. One advantage of these stocks is that their values are not influenced by the market performances as opposed to the risky stocks such as shares.

Use the tax refund to purchase government bills, notes, and debentures. Since they are not determined by the market performance, you are guaranteed a certain percentage of reward after specific time duration.

The net return might not be as high as shares, but you are guaranteed a certain percentage of return from your investment. Make a step and invest your tax refund and you will be guaranteed a given net reward.

3. Financial derivatives

Investing in financial derivatives such as forwards, options, futures, and commodities among other derivatives can be the best in option for these funds. You can buy natural oil forward or option to sell at a predetermined future date. With the current volatility in the prices in the natural oil gas products, this can be a great investment opportunity for this idle fund.

Alternatively, you can also buy a forward contract of oil gas in the market. This allows you to sell this product in the future at the agreed price. When the oil prices rises compared to the buying price, you can sell the product to earn the arbitrage opportunity difference as the profit.

What Is a Debenture Bond?

What Is a Debenture Bond?

Lastly, on financial derivatives, you can opt for commodity. You can choose any product such as gold price, which is known to be ever rising. Within the first year, you may sell the gold at the market making a huge profit from the market arbitrage.

I believe the above information will help you have an idea on how invest your tax refund to achieve a financial stability and freedom as fast as possible without any financial pressure.

5 Linkedin Mistakes That Could Be Dragging You Down

If you are failing to utilize the networking or job seeking power that Linkedin offers, chances are you’re making one of these terrible mistakes. Seasoned recruiters and head-hunters, who swift through hundreds of Linkedin profiles every day, say there are a lot of mistakes that people commonly make on their profiles that put hiring managers off. Read the list below to determine if you’re guilty of a huge Linkedin fail.

1. Your Display Picture is Unprofessional or Missing

As the cliché goes- a picture is worth a thousand words. Studies indicate that profiles with pictures have a much higher chance of being clicked on by recruiters. Some recruiters actually spend more time examining the candidate’s picture than reviewing their qualifications. Lack of a picture may also communicate low confidence and self esteem.

On the other hand, having a profile picture that is unprofessional is considerably worse than not having one at all. A picture that seems to have been clicked by your kid with a cellphone or by your buddy on Saturday night is likely to send recruiters in the other direction. Unprofessional pictures on Linkedin communicate the wrong message, don’t confuse Linkedin with Facebook This one is easy to fix, get a professional photographer to click some publicity pictures in professional attire. Have an objective person (not you mother or spouse) pick out the best one.

Whether or not you've updated it, your LinkedIn

Whether or not you’ve updated it, your LinkedIn

2. You have Typos on your Profile

A lot of people are not as careful about their Linkedin profiles as they would be with their resumes; especially since Linkedin doesn’t feature a built-in spell check. This is a big mistake. Recruiters commonly come across profiles with terrible spelling errors, ranging from misspelled job titles, company names and to their own names. Grammatical mistakes in descriptive sections can also be a huge put-off. Having such errors suggests that you are either careless or incompetent. Avoid this horrible faux pas by running the text through a spelling and grammar check before posting it on your profile. You can use either MS word or a web based tool. Alternatively, you could also have a professional proofread your profile for you.

3. Your Title is Vague and Unclear

Another mistake that a lot of people make is not giving enough thought to their Linkedin profile titles. Lead titles like “Student at NYU” or job seekers with their old job titles as the headline, are not communicating their qualifications, expertise or intention. If you have a vague or old title like “Senior Copywriter” on your Linkedin profile, recruiters have no idea that you are currently looking for a job.

Students would be better off stating “Advertising Major at New York University‘ as their profile title. Job seekers on the other hand, should put “Experienced Advertising Professional” as theirs. Be honest with your titles and ensure it clearly communicates your expertise and intentions.

4. You haven’t Filled out the Summary Section

If you wish your profile to come up in search results, it is important that you take the time to fill out the summary of your Linkedin profile. Your profile will figure more often on relevant searches if you have the related search terms in the summary. Keywords related to your skills, expertise and the kind of work you’re looking for, will boost your profile visibility to hiring managers that search Linkedin for prospective candidates.

5. You Lack Credible Recommendations

A lot of people mess up with recommendations on their profiles. Not having a recommendation suggests poor professional relations or lack of talent. It is important you have a few credible recommendations from old managers, co-workers, trainers or even professors. The recommendations should be meaningful and not generic like- “she is a hardworking employee with willingness to learn.” Rather, they should talk about specific experiences while working with you on a project. Instead of having statements that could hold true for almost anyone, they should earnestly talk about your accomplishments and qualifications. It is also important that the person recommending you is reputed, knowledgeable and sincere, for the recommendation to hold credibility. A lot of people have their friends post highly exaggerated recommendations that are generously sprinkled with superlatives. Be warned- this is easily identified by professional recruiters, and will do more harm than good.

If so, you're not alone

If so, you’re not alone

Now that you know the top 5 mistakes people make on Linkedin, review your profile immediately to harness the power of Linkedin for professional networking.